Our Story

Perio comes from a line of dental product companies, the first of which was founded in 1903. By the end of the century, the company had identified significant opportunities within the rapidly growing shave prep and hair removal industries, and subsequently refocused the business to capitalize on the potential.

In 2001, Perio acquired the historic, American-made Barbasol brand, and complimentary women’s shave prep brand, Pure Silk. Since then, the company has implemented a thoughtful strategy, utilizing product development, promotion and advertising support to elevate both brands. Today, Barbasol and Pure Silk are America’s number one men’s and women’s shaving cream brands and have recently launched a new line of premium disposable razors.

Perio is a thriving consumer packaged goods marketer and manufacturer in the personal care industry. The company continues to focus on innovation and growth while remaining committed to purchasing American made materials and equipment whenever they are available.


Barbasol | Pure Silk